An interview with Jane Daniels

An interview with Jane Daniels

Hi Jane

Firstly I would like to welcome you to our very first guest appraisal.

Jane how are you?

I am fine Marcia, just looking forward, as everyone else is to getting back to some normality and of course, have my hair cut and coloured.

What was it about Marcia & Co that tempted you to change hairdressers?

COVID-19 changed everyone’s life and as I am in the extremely clinically vulnerable group of people I have been shielding for most of this year.

Although I was happy with my the hairdresser I had used for many years and in fact she is a good friend, I just did not feel safe going into Preston City centre. Marcia & Co. had clearly outlined all the COVID-19 19 precautions they had in place and recommendations from both my daughter and friends led me to make the decision.

How do you find the customer service at Marcia & Co.?

It was lovely to get back to the bussing atmosphere of a hairdressers, friendly faces and a chance to chat after being at home for so long. But to answer the question professional, welcoming and friendly.

What was the first treatment/service you had at Marcia & Co.?

I had my hair cut and coloured, this was in August, having had it previously done at the beginning of March. I had real Covid hair!!

You then went onto have a Kerastraight treatment. How did that solve your hair problems? How has it made your feel?

Before Covid I would go to have my have done most weeks as I found it very difficult to do myself.

The main problem was how curly the back was, but not nice curls, my hair just went frizzy when dry.

Marcia recommended Kerastraight and I decided to give it a go. My hair is definitely more manageable. It is easier to blow wave and stays straight for longer. I only need to quickly straighten certain sections of my hair a couple of time a week at the most. Also, before the treatment, my hair would go frizzy in damp weather or even when I was doing the ironing, but that has improved amazingly. In addition, my hair is nowhere near as dry as it was and feels softer.

World you recommend Kerastraight to other guest of Marcia & Co.?

I would recommend Kerastrstraight to other guests and would have the treatment again myself.

Do you think Marcia & Co. comply with Covid 19 secure regulations?


Did you feel safe and looked after at Marcia & Co.?

Yes. Being able to park my car outside is one of the main reasons I chose to go to Marcia & Co., as well as the precautions which are in place. The safety of the guest is taken very seriously.

Was there any other professional advice which you were given at Marcia & Co. which has helped you look after your hair?

Yes. I had been struggling using a hair dryer and brush while blow waving my hair, as I have arthritis in my wrists and elbows. I mentioned this to Marcia and she recommended the Hot Tools Professional Volumiser. Marcia showed me how to use it and I purchased one from her. It is great. Light and can be used with one hand or two. Gives my hair a smooth finish and is so much easier for me.

Jane Daniels