Dreams of a little girl

Dreams of a little girl

I’ve been fascinated by hair all my life . 

As a mixed race child growing up with an adopted white family , I knew my curls were unruly and hard to handle .

I was different , none of my friends had short springy hair and it wasn’t fair .

Then one Christmas my parents bought me a dolly who had hair that you could grow if you turned a key in her neck .

From that moment I realised that hair could be styled and shaped into different ways.

A whole new world was opening up to me .

I’d invite my play mates round and spend hours playing with their hair .

It didn’t matter to me anymore that I was different and couldn’t manage my own , I had hair to play with , and it made me feel girly Like them.

As I grew older I noticed my friends would ask me more and more to do their hair and it not only made me feel good, it made them feel good also .

I had a purpose I could help people who couldn’t do their own hair , feel better about themselves .

That warmed my heart