Freedom day at Marcia & Co

Freedom day at Marcia & Co

To all the salon clients, after the morning of Freedom day…

As we awaken today, another shift in the world as we know it, will have occurred.

For the last 15 months, we’ve collectively ridden a rollercoaster that has spun us, dropped us and looped us much more than we’d ever hoped.
And now, we have a new normal to get used to.

So, on the morning of freedom day, we ask this.

R – Remember.
Remember that we’ve all worked hard to protect one another. Let’s not forget the journey we’ve been on, to get where we are today.

E – Everyone together.
For some, this rollercoaster has been a hoot of a ride, and for others, it has been terrifying. Let’s remember we are in this together, albeit with a different experience.

S – Support.
This is a two way thing. We will always be here to support you. And we’d love you to support us and your other local businesses too. We’ve suffered greatly, and ask that if you are buying the products we stock, that you chose us to serve you, rather than the big boys online.

P – Patience.
Every business is different. And we will all try to move forward in the way we feel best for our clients, our teams and subsequently, our families.

Our stylists will continue to wear a mast for the safety of themselves and clients surrounding them.

E – Enjoyment!
We know coming to the salon is a treat! We want you to have a wonderful experience every visit, in a way that we can still ensure you’re safe and well whilst with us.

C – Care.
Care will always be taken to ensure your safety. As salon owners we take on a huge responsibility to ensure your space with us here, is safe. We always have, we always will. Our safety measures will not change.

T – Time.
Things have changed dramatically in the last 15 months as we are ever evolving the way we run our business. So, please understand our journey, our business practices and our time. Things might take a little longer than we’d ideally like.

So, let’s remember RESPECT.

We may operate differently to the salon down the road, or the shop across the street. Each and every business is trying it’s hardest to do what it feels right, and that looks different for each of us. We will encourage you to continue to wear a face mask however we will not at this moment in time enforce it unless infection levels rise.

With love. ❤️ MARCIA & CO