Our 3 best ‘Autumn Hair Care Tips’ that you will want to know

Our 3 best ‘Autumn Hair Care Tips’ that you will want to know

You will have noticed the recent shift in temperature, the mornings are certainly cooler and the dark nights are settling in much earlier. With the start of Autumn means a host of new challenges for hair care. Here at Hairport Salon, we have outlined our 3 best ‘Autumn Hair Care Tips’ that you will want to know to make sure your hair looks and feels fantastic for this season.


During the summer months, we tend to apply more styling products to create our favourite hair styles. And although we look fabulous, we do get a build-up of product. So, it’s no surprise that our first hair care tip is to rid your hair of these products and breath new life in preparation of the new season.

Our advice is that you invest in a good clarifying shampoo and our brand of choice is Neal and Wolf. Use the shampoo once a week, that will deeply cleanse your hair & scalp and remove the product build-up that you accumulated during the summer months. Your hair will have a clean & healthily feel & look, but not stripped and dry.

2. Moisturise

You will hopefully be maintaining your hair’s natural moisture all year round to ensure its stays healthy and keeps it shine.  But, with hectic lifestyles, this can be forgotten from time to time.

During the summer months your hair will have been battered by the sun’s harmful rays not to mention the chlorine in the swimming pools or salt from the sea. Therefore, when autumn arrives its paramount that you get back focused with your moisturising routine.

Again once a week, use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair to restore its natural moisture. Remember to keep this up throughout the autumn and forthcoming winter months as your home central heating also saps the hair of moisture.

You efforts on a well-moisturised hair is also your number one weapon in the next battle…

3. Battling the Frizz

Beautiful autumnal colours and bright, sharp, cold days we can cope with, but damp, drizzly, foggy days are enough to put anyone off autumn. This is before we add the dreaded frizzy hair into the mix.

After well hydrated and moisturised hair, your next best weapon in fighting frizz is a set of good quality styling products, specially formulated for the task at hand. We do advise that you speak to our salon staff, as they will be advise your of the best products for your hair & style.

So, in less than 500 words and probably under a 5 minute read you are all set to get your hair looking spectacular for this autumn.

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