Welcome to our Award-winning salon.

Welcome to our Award-winning salon.

So, it has been announced, we are now an Award-winning salon, and we couldn’t be happier!

Marcia & Co have been awarded The Silver Award for Hair Salon of the Year 2021.

Amongst other businesses, its not be the best year for Hair and Beauty salons across the country. It has been reported that over 5,000 have had to close their doors due to the Covid pandemic and leaving many more business owners facing severe hardship.

Whilst some have had no choice but to fold, we have taken our time in lockdown as a blessing to work behind the scenes on the business.
I was under no illusion to the severity of the effects that Covid would have on my business. When lockdown was announced I simply broke down and cried thinking to myself, that’s it, I’m going to have to close the salon I have worked so hard on for 14 years. I knew I only had a limited amount of money and I made sure my staff were a priority.

Unbeknown to Me, the government were about to throw businesses a lifeline, furlough was announced and grants for businesses were rolled out.

When furlough was announced I still found it incredibly hard as I had to pay my staff and claim the money back, which seemed like forever initially. I was so grateful for all the help the government was providing, and I thought, if they were willing to help businesses survive then there was no way I would let my salon close.

I knew I had to fight for my business, so I made doorstep deliveries for my clients so they could still have their favourite products. Every penny the government rolled out I ploughed into education and making the salon a safe environment for when we reopened.

December 2020 the business was thrown another lifeline. A property located near my salon was due to become vacant.

I just knew I had to take it. The opportunity was too great. I had wanted to move and rebrand for years as my shop was too small leaving me no room for progression.

With the help of my partner Lee, I was able to relocate and rebrand into Marcia & co hair and beauty. We have increased our staff and hope to provide jobs for more in the future. We are proud to offer a calm welcoming environment where clients can sit back and relax often experiencing luxurious back massages in or back wash area. Clients are safe in the knowledge that their personal hairstyle will be treated as if it were our very own.

We are so pleased that this has been recognised by The British Hair And Beauty Awards and also our very loyal clientele.